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Agora. A secret and closed-in city where anything can be bought and sold – goods, people, thoughts, ideas and even emotions are traded in the market. In the ancient tower of Count Stelli, the city's greatest astrologer, two children meet, both of whom have been sold as servants. One is Mark, an emotional, imaginative boy who was sold by his father to the count’s grandson in return for medical treatment. The other, Lily, a reserved and thoughtful orphan girl, now owned by the count. How will they survive? Can their plans succeed? And why is the shadowy ruler of Agora, the all-powerful Director of Receipts, watching them from afar…?

The Midnight Charter

Banished to the outside world – cold, hungry and alone in the primeval forests, Mark and Lily take refuge in the seemingly idyllic pastoral village of Aecer, where everyone is equal. This new country, Giseth, appears beautiful. But after Mark is denounced and punished for daring to oppose the Speaker of the village, both of them find themselves asking new questions. They soon discover that paradise comes at a price, and it is far higher than either of them could suspect. In the land of Giseth, nightmares don't end just because you wake up...

The Children of the Lost

The ancient city of Agora is in crisis. Revolution is in the air, and tensions are mounting. Newly returned to the city, Mark must find some way of keeping the peace, before the whole of the city falls into chaos. And somehow, he must also continue his search for Lily, who seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

But Lily is nearer then he thinks. In the hidden, underground land of Naru, she finally has a chance to uncover the truth about Agora and her past that she has sought for so long. But she will soon discover that some secrets are kept for a reason…

The Canticle of Whispers

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