English (UK)

The Midnight Charter - Waterstone’s

The Midnight Charter - Blackwell’s

The Midnight Charter - Amazon.co.uk

The Children of the Lost - Waterstone’s

The Children of the Lost - Blackwell’s

The Children of the Lost - Amazon.co.uk

The Canticle of Whispers - Amazon.co.uk


English (USA)

The Midnight Charter - Amazon.com

The Midnight Charter - IndieBound

The Midnight Charter - Barnes and Noble

The Children of the Lost - Amazon.com

The Children of the Lost - IndieBound

The Children of the Lost - Barnes and Noble

The Canticle of Whispers - Amazon.com

The Canticle of Whispers - IndieBound

The Canticle of Whispers - Barnes and Noble


English (Canada)

The Midnight Charter - Amazon.ca


Deutsch (German)

Die Stadt der verkauften Träume (The Midnight Charter) - Amazon.de

Die Kathedrale der verlorenen Dinge (The Children of the Lost) - Amazon.de

Das Land des letzten Orakels (The Canticle of Whispers) - Amazon.de



The Midnight Charter - Yesasia.com

The Children of the Lost - Yesasia.com

The Canticle of Whispers - Yesasia.com


Italiano (Italian)

Il Patto di Mezzanotte (The Midnight Charter) - Amazon.it

Il Patto di Mezzanotte (The Midnight Charter) - Unilibro

Il Patto di Mezzanotte (The Midnight Charter) - Ibs.it


Français (French)

Le Pacte de Minuit (The Midnight Charter) - Amazon.fr

Le Pacte de Minuit 2 - Les Secrets du Monde Perdu (The Children of the Lost) - Amazon.fr


Svenska (Swedish)

Midnatts Manifestet (The Midnight Charter) - Adlibris.com

Bortom Muren (The Children of the Lost) - Adlibris.com


Nederlands (Dutch)

Het Verdrag van de Nacht (The Midnight Charter) - Bol.com

Espańol (Spanish)

El Código de Medianoche (The Midnight Charter) - Amazon.es


Стражи полуночи (The Midnight Charter) - Ozon.ru


Portuguęs (Portuguese)

Portugal: O Pacto da Meia-Noite (The Midnight Charter) - Fnac.pt

Brazil: A Escritura da Meia-Noite (The Midnight Charter) - Rocco.com.br

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